Video Game Overload

Video Game Overload

Ever heard the term ‘he broke her heart, she broke his Xbox’? Have you ever gotten frustrated with someone (usually a guy) who spends so much time on the Xbox or Playstation? It’s great that it can be played live with friends, but it just sucks away your life. People spend hours after school and into the night playing, then complain the next day about not getting enough sleep. Go figure? It seems these are the latest trends to distracting yourself or an addiction. Mindless amount of controls, same terrains over and over, brain cells melting away. I say this is worse than watching hours of TV. Maybe then you could get a hold of your Xbox junky friend for once.

The games are the same thing over and over. It never changes. These games don’t vary much, but enough for people to become addicted. You can spend at least a good $50 for a game. Then later another game comes out that’s better and cooler and you need it! Some of my friends will show up late and give the excuse that they lost track of time playing a short game. It wasn’t that short, huh?

Notice the price for all this? Console: $300. Live: $100. Points: (usually) $20. Controller: $30. Headset: $25. Games: $50. Look I just spent $525!! Wow, I can think of a much better use for that money than giving in to those greedy corporations making a pretty penny on brainless ‘fun’.

Does it seem that these games are getting out of control?

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I hate politics...but I always have an opinion on them. I like to vioce those opinions. I'm make mistakes and appearently I'm moody which adds to the fun :3

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