10 Terrible Things That Could Happen On a Date

10 Terrible Things That Could Happen On a Date

This is just a short list of ten things I feel would be terrible to happen on a date ( thanks to Steven Johnson for the idea):

10. They or You get sick/nervous in the middle of the date and have to throw up or pee yourself

9. All they talk about is their ex, and how much they miss them

8. They smell or look like they haven’t showered in weeks

7. They flirt with other people while on the date

6.  They keep texting or talking to someone on the phone possibly their ex or someone else they like

5. They dine and ditch leaving you by yourself

4. They say I love You on the first date

3. They bring a parent

2. One night stand

1. They don’t show up

If you have your own that you would like to add, Please leave a comment.

Written by: Austin | Visit Website

I am pretty out-going, fun to hang out with. Love golf and photography. Pretty much always busy. Message or email me.

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